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CCTV System

Through the use of cameras, monitors and recording equipment, the CCTV system is used to monitor activities within a certain area, recording those activities and playing back for reference.

We offer a range of sophisticated cameras which include dome cameras for monitoring closed areas such as banking halls, external cameras for the exterior parameters and also motorized cameras which can be controlled, in terms of direction by an operator.  Our monitors come in various sizes ranging from 14 inches to 21 inches, standard sets or LCD flat screens. The monitors allow for viewing multiple images at the same time or focusing of a particular camera display.

Camera images can be recorded using an analogue VCR with standard video tapes for periods of between 24hrs to 48hrs per tape or a Hard Disk Recorder (HDD) which uses a computer hard disk to record images and can accommodate a greater volume of images depending on the disk size, these ranges from 640 gigabytes to 3 terrabtye. HDDs also have features that allow viewing on a regular PC, at a remote location using the Internet.